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    Introducing the Brightest Laser Pointer You Will Ever Own - Guaranteed!


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     Introducing The BRIGHTEST Laser Pointer You Will Ever Own...

    The All New, Redesigned Assassin V2

    • Have you ever wanted your very own lightsaber? Meet the Assassin V2 -- a revolutionary laser pointer carefully engineered to emit a VIVID and CRISP visible green beam that penetrates the night sky.
    • The Assassin V2 is the Brightest, and most Durable Laser Pointer money can buy…And we back that with an unbeatable 60-day guarantee!
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    • With our unprecedented money back guarantee, we have taken the risk out of the purchase: buy it, try it, love it - and if by chance you don't, return it at NO COST to you!

    Lasers Have Many Uses

    Whether you are a laser enthusiast (like us) who enjoys experimenting with lasers or trying to learn about electronics, soldering, or physics, lasers definitely have many uses. They can be used in presentations, star gazing with others (e.g., Boy Scouts or school trips), and playing with pets. In a wilderness emergency, a laser pointer can be more effective than a flashlight in signalling searchers and our Assassin V2 is the BRIGHTEST on the market. Laser pointers also have a place in the classroom to teach light and physics properties. NOTE: Please do not shine these lasers at aircrafts or helicopters and they can cause significant damage and may be illegal in some jurisdictions.

    Does The Assassin Light A Match?

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    What Makes The Assassin 2.0 Different From Competing Brands?

    The Assassin 2.0 is made with a revolutionary 532nm Diode Technology that emits a highly visible green beam! Impress your friends, family, and co-workers with this behemoth of a laser!

    Our newly designed Emitter is 20% more efficient than the original model and emits a brighter and cleaner spectrum of green light. You WILL notice a significant improvement over the original version. Our revolutionary emitter has a silver backing and a more effective beam pattern.

    Powerful enough to ignite a match from a distance!


    Extra Benefits:

    • NOT SOLD IN STORES YET - You can’t buy this laser technology in your local hardware store. We use the latest 2017 high power emitters to keep you ahead of the pack with advanced laser technology!

    • Free USPS First Class Shipping - We ship the same day we receive your order using the United States Postal Services "First Class" package service which has an estimated delivery time of 3 - 7 business days!

    • No risk Purchase with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - You WILL be amazed by the Extreme Power of this Compact Laser Pointer and we guarantee it with our unbeatable 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Send it back and we’ll refund your money with no questions asked!

    • Lithium Ion Battery - Using the same technology found in electric cars, you can be confident the Assassin V2 is one of the most powerful products money can buy.

    • Aircraft Aluminum - Engineered from the same material used by thousands of military aircraft around the world. 

    • High Quality Company - Click Here to see reviews of both our product and our customer service. We dare you to test the reviews!

     Experience The Power and Durability For Yourself



    Laser Eye Safety

    THE UNPROTECTED HUMAN EYE is extremely sensitive to laser radiation and can be permanently damaged from direct or reflected beams. None of our lasers should be operated without proper eye protection. Please Click Here to protect your eyes.

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    Assassin Lasers guarantees you will be happy with your purchase with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren't happy with your laser, let us know! We will give you a full refund - no questions asked!

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    Extended Warranty

    We are the only company in the market offering this type of warranty and it is setting us apart from our competition. Put your mind at ease and purchase an extended warranty for your laser today! CLICK HERE