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Our amazing customers depend on us to provide top notch products and customer service. We get up every morning (sometimes in the middle of the night) to ensure that we are meeting, if not exceeding their high demands. We respond to customer emails the same day and guarantee to solve your problem - no matter how big or small! If you are happy with our customer service or product, we would love to add your comment to the page below. If you are unsatisfied in any way we would like a chance to help because we guarantee 100% satisfaction - we even back that with a first in the industry money-back guarantee.  Click here to provide feedback - potential customers will really appreciate it! Below are REAL UNEDITED customer quotes sent to us which are also available throughout our Facebook Ads and Facebook Page. We dare you to test out the customer service and product so you can write your own review.



Customer Service

"Great product with great service! I had a question for them and I received an answer back within an hour. Very rare to find that kind of service now days. Thanks!" Bill

"Got it, thanks guys. I appreciate your quick response ! That seems to be a pretty rare thing now days. Fantastic laser, very impressed by it. Have a great day!" Bill - a different Bill from above ;)

"After all this, I resolved my dispute with the other company so I want to order one from you based on your immediate feedback and professional service. Send me info. Thanks." Rick

"Wow that was an amazingly fast reply. I hope the product is as amazing as the customer service. I really do appreciate your great customer service and quick reply. Thanks!" Terrence

"Thank you for calling me, have a great day. I appreciate it when companies go out of their way to make it easier to do business with them." Tom

Product Quality

"I bought one, and they are truly IMPRESSIVE. Most definitely NOT your run of the mill toy laser Light, and one most definitely fully capable of causing blindness, or permanent damage. The distance able to be seen is measured in MILES, not in feet! The light is Built solid like you would expect, and has the full look of a solid , well constructed Tactical Laser. Oh, and yes it will light a wooden match as long as you're patient." Bob
"Got my laser in sooner than I expected and WOW! I LOVE it, the design is sleek and it is powerful.. Didn't get the deal that came a week later, but that's alright. 5 Stars, Recommending you to everyone, Would definitely buy another in Purple ;P" Travis
"I went to your webpage, and after finding the round sticker,and removing it, the laser worked! I still can't find the red dot/green dot but thats simple to fix.  After all was said and done, the laser worked, and I must say, it's way better than I ever imagined.  These days the consumer can't believe everything that is advertised, but your webpage is spot on.  Its everything it's said and more!!!!!  Great piece of equipment.  Already mounting it to my patrol rifle, as it will serve as a deterrent.  Thanks again for the help." Joe Cossaboom
"I purchased a laser from Assassin Lasers and I will admit I was impressed by the quality and the price. Delivery was very fast as well." Bruce
"Very good deal for the price, I ordered one and received it in about 7 days. Can't wait to see what they offer next." John
"Hey i just wanted to say Thank you so much for this awesome laser. This is by far the best one i have ever owned!" Emmanuel
"Love it! I bought one and it's amazing. Thanks guys!" Michael
"I just got mine in a few days ago and I must say I am really impressed with it. Very happy with my purchase." Scott

"Just got mine today. Pretty badass bruh!" Eternity

"'s working now [after we helped her fix her problem] and it's cool as shit.." Deanna

"I got an adventure pack for my 37th birthday from my wife and children: a sword, a backpack, and this laser. It's AWESOME!" Veny
"The best money ever spent." George - this customer might have went too far.... 
"Just got mine in and love it..well worth it and works great!!" Jason

"I have two! They are rechargeable and are super bright." Kelly

"Got one! Pretty impressive!" Jim

"Got mine!! Pretty dam cool... Bright as hell!!!!! Can't wait till dark!!!!" Bob

"Awesome laser. Pretty strong one too." Virgil

"Love mine. It's interesting how the beam actually shows all of the dust in the air with little sparkles. I can't believe we breath in all of that stuff. I also use it as a star finder on my Orion Telescope. Very impressive!" David

"Over the weekend I went hunting with my brother. We were in an area that we were not too familiar with. At one point, as it was getting dark, we got separated and could not find each other or our way back to the truck. Luckily I had my newly purchased Assassin Laser with me. I was able to shine the laser into the sky and onto surrounding treetops. My brother and I found each other, but we still could not find the truck. We started walking around, shinning our flashlights around, with no luck. I began shinning this extremely powerful laser around, and spotted the truck off in the distance. It is still amazing to me how bright and powerful this laser is! This is the best one I own! I will definitely be ordering more to give to all my hunting buddies! Thanks Assassin for helping us find our way home!" Blaine